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Caduceus Angel of Healing (in bronze at left) "[The] goal is to see these 'Seven Ladies on Seven Continents' transcending individual differences to become a unifying symbol for the universal kinship of humanity and all creation in a physical metaphor representing the spiritual connection between all things. To help bring the healing power of love into the earth, ushering in a new era of Peace." —James Nathan Muir

certified Nurse Practitioner decor

The ancient symbol of the Caduceus was used by Sumerians, Greeks and many others over time, but especially physicians and messengers of healing fields. Even printers have used it as as their printer's mark, first in medical manuals, then for their own totem, seeing themselves as the messengers of healing (as even fiction entertainment books can be healing). Many other names or titles come up; Enki, Ninti, Isis, Mercury, Astronauts, Pilots, etc.

The ancient versions are usually based on images seen from differing views as paired Snakes/Ribbons/DNA, around a Staff/Tree/Wand/Phallus/Spine, and to each side near the top were Wings/Leaves/Cross/Travel/Flight symbols, all topped by a circular disc as a icon representing God/Sun/Globe/Planet/Brain and more. The generally viewed interpretation of the grouping might be boiled down to a totem of a Messenger of Knowledge on Healing, Unity, Peace and enduring Life Energy as available to one aligned to accept it.

  the nurse as "Caduceus Angel of Healing"  

Caduceus history sampling

More Ideas on the Caduceus

The earlier stone and clay tablet Caduceus images are interpreted as representative of too many things to include here. However, the most common elements and the more concise of the varied interpretations might be boiled down to something like this:

modernized version of the caduceus
  • Snakes (male and female) Usually thrice(3) entwined, initially perhaps in battle with much time in the shadows, then in an upward, outward, harmonious, spiraling dance leading each to more time in the Light, each accepting its own healing and relationship of peace, living closer to the Source of life (the circle) of All-That-Is. And with our new understanding of the expansive ancient knowledge, maybe it is even indicating healing on a cellular level, as perhaps we are rediscovering the double-helix DNA strands which the snakes seem to have represented long before we rediscovered it. Snakes in a mating ritual... what better way to pass on the DNA idea when that concept was over most people's heads otherwise.
  • Staff of wood from the Tree of Life, Tree of Carnal Knowledge, to create a Family Tree, pointing out a direct pathway, aligned directly with the Wisdom of the Light, therefore never doubting, always trusting, never without the inner knowing that growing in the Light Energy is a viable pathway.
  • Wings of the passionate messenger, the traveler, the explorer, leaves with reaching branches, the pilot, the astronaut, who is lifted to flight by the information shared with them to be shared with you, knowledge to be discerned by you as from the shadows or from the Source.
  • Circle, whether seen as the Source Point, information issued from the Son/Sun of God, God, life cycling, the human brain as transmitter/receiver to a collective Mind, Earth, or even ancient Sumerian reports of it as another further planet (Nibiru) as alleged owners/controllers of Earth. Ultimately we have the free will to choose what we decide to take in. We can steer toward the Source Energy in unity with others in harmony. Or away from it. The Source, the Light, Prime Creator, the Word, the Love Vibration, the greater I Am, the Universe, the Multi-verse, the One, God of All-That-Is, whatever you use... I feel the symbolism here is that we can turn from fear and lack, toward Source Energy, allowing a preferred life, because the Source always was and always will be available when we are ready.

Like the two snakes and the staff, we have a triad of thoughts/feeling/e-motions which make up our prayers every moment... not just when we bow or heads and press our hands together, but in every thought, feeling and emotion we send out there, we get a reflection of it all back, including our trust in the doubts we may carry. So one way to encourage more healing in all who we connect with would be to intend to exercise our choice to focus on what we prefer.

Thus to many of us, the Caduceus may be more symbolic of our intension of winging our way through life with an alignment of fun, peace and health, which as a byproduct becomes an example to inspire others we touch.

Caduceus - Geneva, Switzerland
Caduceus - carved in stone over door of underground structure in Geneva, Switzerland.

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